Do body-groups connect a model and leave no gaps when it moves?

If I were to make a body group with different heads, will it show holes in the model when the character looks up, or will it fuse the mesh together?

If it does, could using phong on the texture help connect it all?

If you use bodygroups, the meshes are split from eachother. Since they’re not the same mesh, they cannot be welded which means you will indeed see a seam in the texture if you don’t lead into the different heads at an appropriate spot. Holes will only be seen when the character’s head moves if the weight map doesn’t match up when the models are rigged.

Thanks I was just curious because I have a big project in mind and I didn’t want to do all of that work just for it to not work.

I was thinking about just maybe hiding it underneath the shirt or something, rather then trying to make it a really good weight map that is clearly visible.

Although i guess I could somewhat put part of it inside of the body, so that if it did come apart at some point it would be harder to see.