Do I have to buy TF2 for the models?

Can anyone clarify if there is anyway I could simply get the models from TF2 for Gmod? I simply need the models from the game, not the whole game.

No. Just buy the game.

Have a look around
If you can’t find what your looking for, buy it, it’s an amazing game.

I’d rather not, since I’d never play it. OK the, I guess I’m stuck, thanks anyway.


I’d rather not since I already own it on the 360.

Buy it. Any other way is illeagle.

Buy it and play it once. Then enable support of TF2 into gmod.

I have it on Both, and its Crap on the @60, theres no SUpport, its usually Laggy, and theres no Updates.

Just get the game for the PC, its way bigger and better an changing for the better on a regular basis.

not realy…
u dont havce to buy it,my steam got glicthed and it pre bough hl2 and tf2,without me paying for them,but i cant play them,so… i still get models…

It Pre loaded them, Steam does that alot, half of the steam community has HL2 preloaded, for the Content.
Someone Correct me if im wrong, im fairly sure i am.

Right. He still has to buy the game to get the models.

Can you download the dedicated server for the models? If it’s possible, you can get them for free, legally.

No. you cant.

You have two options.

  1. buy the game
  2. buy the game

I kind of assumed the thread was over when I said I just won’t do the video.

Adding models without owning the game is illegal unless you have permission from Valve.

Your only option is to buy it. However, it’s a very good game, especially on the PC.

Illegally you could snoop around looking for ripped TF2 models but for legal reasons I suggest you buy the game for them.