Do i have to use ValveBones for making a ragdoll via gmod / source?

Hello. I’ve bin Practicing. and im wondering…“Do I have to use ValveBiped.”" for ragdolls or random names…"

Thigh name is “ValveBiped.L_thigh” does it have to have ValveBiped. and beginning?

Yes, it would be preferable if ragdolls are rigged to the valve skeleton, that way they can be used as playermodels in gmod and compatible with the ik rigs in SFM.

Well you can use what ever names you’d like for the bones. However if you use the custom bone names the models will not work as player models. Assuming you’re asking for just ragdolls well you can use custom names.

So. I don’t have to add “Valvebiped…” I can just name it something other then whatever?

You can name it whatever you want, it doesn’t matter.

However it needs to have ValveBiped if you want it to be a playermodel.

Allright Thanks.