Do I keep my things on servers?

So I’m currently playing on a server with a base and everything. If I go play on another server…and then go back to the original server. Will i still spawn where I last logged out and still have my inventory, or would it be wiped completely?

You will still have it.

You’ll still have your shit, don’t worry :slight_smile:

You would have the same stuff unless:
You died
You got raided, or
The server wiped.

Awesome, so I’m free to play with some friends, go to another server and play with another friend, and go back and pick up right where i left off? sweet!

Just curious, why did you think you would be wiped then?

Mind you, the rate of decay differs from server to server. So if decay starts in 5 days and no one is using the house you’re in, and you come back a week later, it’s possible that your house would have fallen apart and someone came along and killed you through a decayed wall.

@Wyvyrias: I just wasn’t sure if my things were transferred from server to server, such as DayZ which I am used to. So I didn’t know if it was linked to my account such as I would keep my stuff across servers.

@doLawN: That shouldn’t be a problem, I play with a big group with a big base, so someone should be active everyday