Do i look fat in camera?

Hello guys, this is my first time i put some effort in editing picture. [cutting, adding craps, drawing etc] So would be nice if i could get some constructive critism - what to do or not to do next time.
[english isnt my main language]

Adam Savage?

FB aight

Simon Pegg

“tug lief”

And nothing to say generally about picture? Whats bad or good in it?

Guy on the left, is he about to drop a deuce? The guy on the right looks like he’s about to fall over and the clouds in the back are just that, it looks out of place.

The concept is nice, very entertaining. The lighting and posing are great as well. The smoke integration, however, is lacking. It doesn’t match the color nor the DOF in the background, making it look like stock footage smoke, rather than real smoke (you will probably be using stock smoke no matter what, but it shouldn’t look like it). That said, it’s still very good .

They guy on left is like:

And guy right could not fall off cause he is pressing with hes left leg on back like this:

And yeah, smoke does not fit, i agree.

About to drop a deuce yeah and he looks like he’s about to trip over him, that’s really awkward footing.

But left guy pose is original ‘gopnik’* pose.

And that guy can’t really fall over him cause he is holding knee on his back, impossibru!

*gopnik - non sportish guys who wear sport suits or part of them, acting like skinheads or somekinda recettears

Stand in that position without falling over and take a picture…

dont have anyone to grab like that

You’re getting busted, Kane! :v:

Dont argue against constructive criticism, you made this for people to see, and you have to accept what they see and adjust accordingly to get the reaction from the viewers that you want. If it looks like he is dropping a deuce to the audience and you dont want them to think thats what you were going for well work on your posing. The other guy does look awkward too. Just saying, think about what others will see when the view you picture.