Do I need a HL2 Game for Gmod to work properly?

So I intend on purchasing GMOD+CS:S Soon, but it dawned on me the only Source game I own is TF2. Do I…

a) Do Nothing

b) Buy the Orange Box and then DL GMOD+CS:S

c) Download HL2Death Match and then the GMod+CS:S pack

TF2 is a source game, therefore you can buy GMod right now and play it.

You may as well get the GMod and CS:S pack. It’s not much more expensive than GMod on its own and CS:S is a cool game anyway.

That and it’s being updated as we speak.

Any one of these games will work


it will come with the default and HL Maps? Right?

It will not come with maps from Half Life or Half Life 2, no, but it does include some content from those games like props, NPC’s, and ragdolls.

You only require one Source game, and TF2 is a source game. Also, you can download HL2DM free from an offer for a graphics card from Steam.


Portal: First Slice is a demo of Portal, so don’t fret if you have an ATI Graphics Card and not a Nvidia one. :slight_smile:

It’ll come with the default Garry’s Mod maps, and the maps/props/ragdolls of whatever VALVe games, that are run by the Source Engine that, can be mounted on GMod. (TF2, Xeno Clash, CS:S, DoD:S, etc.) TF2 does not mount the ragdolls, weapons or the props that appear in TF2 though… :c

Guys, GMOD comes with HL2 maps, you can play the whole storyline in GMod
But you need any Source game for it to work.

Yeah it does.

Only if you own Half-Life 2.

Will Portal 2 work? It’s the only valve game I have. Do I need to get HL or TF2?

New member bumping a two year old thread. Why am I not surprised.

You should be good, no need to buy anything new!

The only games I really see anybody needing is Ep 1-2, and CSS. The others are purely optional. Granted, this is from someone who has every Source game on the list of games.

Portal 2 won’t work since it uses a different content delivery system (SteamPipe) that GMod doesn’t support.

We’re done here, ladies and gentlemen. We can all go home and let this thread die.

No you need HL2 for the story line to work.

All you need is counterstrike to play or any other sourcegame, But it helps if you have the other games because lets say you join some server and you see purple and black textures, that would be because you don’t have the other source games.

You no longer need to buy another Source Engine game to buy Garry’s Mod!.


I am, new members are normally too retarded to look for old threads. I think he did good finding an old one.