Do i need FastDL on my own root server?

Recently my friends and i decided to slowly move to renting a virtual server running Debian 8 64 bit with sufficient hardware for multi-server-hosting (mostly TS3, apache2 & gmod server).
I’ve put root server in the title because “vServer” or “virtual server” might confuse some people and root server is more clear and there is no technical difference between root and virtual except one is well… virtual and by that usually more limited in terms of performance.
Anyway i’m working on the gmod server and previously we had a webspace that hosted a website i put up for all information like resources and steam links etc. and ofcourse the FastDL for the current gmod server. However considering that soon everything will run off of one system it’s not very efficient to have all .bz2 files twice on the system.

So is there a way to either use the gmod server files using http as the FastDL or to have some redirection of some sort in order to save the storage for the duplicates?

I’m mostly concerned about maps if that makes things easier, i’m used to building the FastDL myself anyway and addons and such don’t use up a lot of space.

Regards, Daniel =)

Yes, though there are many fastdl tutorials online, making a fastdl with a vps is very simple:

  1. Make a fastdl folder in the public web directory of your server (Should be /var/www/html if you’re using apahce2).
  2. Put everything in that fastdl folder
  3. Put sv_loadingurl “ in your server.cfg file

Use the Steam workshop, FastDL is now slower than the workshop and almost obsolete.

In response to the question in the title, no.
FASTDL is just using some webserver somewhere on the internet to supply clients with required content.

As for your second question, fastDL files should be compressed using bzip2.
The gmod server has no need for these compressed files so I don’t know why you would want to reference the original server files from the fastDL webserver.

+1 Use Steam Workshop. Make sure your VPS provider has good ddos protection otherwise you’re going to get suspended in no time.

FastDL is still better than the workshop IMO because you control the content on your own server. Workshop addons can be changed at any time meaning it’s possible for a) The entire addon or parts of it to be removed or b) Backdoors to be snuck in.

People could always pack their content in workshop addons so they can control it all

Fastdl just plain uses outdated technologies to deliver the content. Free bandwidth is great too, put that money elsewhere.

The only main plus-side is that on the loading bar it’ll easily tell you how much you have left to dl, but you can probably replicate that effect with your loading screen.

First of all i wanna thank all the messages. I’ll compile my responses here.

I know but i want to be able to work on addons of any kind on my own without releasing minor changes to the Steam workshop. I like it a lot more to have all content on the server itself where i can change and tweak things as fit.

I know how FastDL works and i already have a mostly compressed FastDL already setup on my old dedicated Gmod- and Web- Servers. However in contrast to some tutorials online i didn’t know that the server doesn’t need any of the bzip2 files. That means that i have near to no redundancy on one virtual server (which hosts both the apache and the gmod server) which fixes my issue. I’ll check back on it later on. Thanks for the information!

Does this only apply for WorkshopDL? My VPS has DDOS protection but i don’t know it’s quality. Since the gmod server is password protected and has a whitelist for security as well there won’t be more than 20 users connecting to any service of the VPS at any given time except for the apache2. Read response above or below for why i won’t use WorkshopDL.

Exactly! I check back on any code i add on the server which doesn’t come from reliable sources like ULX etc.

Is that allowed? I mean if i’d do that i’d have to constantly re-upload to steam and it would be very redundant to other items on the workshop. Sometimes i only change minor things because of the layout of the gmod server to fit it better which is why i use FastDL for now.

Well if there is a new way to deliver custom content to the clients i’m happy to hear about it!


Regards, Daniel =)

I would read this incase you have any questions for the rules. But trust me if can organize you steam workshop packs it’s very easy to update them.

Well this is somewhat helpful but doesn’t completely clear up for me if i can simply pack all current content with all maps (some modified, some not) into an addon or a collection. I’m pretty sure that’s not okay because i’d publish works from someone else which is normally not a good thing - no matter if with or without proper credit :thinking: