Do I need MW2 to get the models working?

The Cod mw2 V2 models are not working,do I need cod mw2?


then what do i need

Brains + Epicness but you lack both of them

Well then help me

so what the problem?

This question made me facepalm.

Download the models of the internet and place them wherever they need to be placed.

Obviously you didn’t place them correctly in the Gmod folder. Can you link us so we know the structure of the folders and so that we can help you?

probably he didn’t create the info document

I did the models wont work in any of the folders.

can u give me the link and let me try?

you need to create an info file,i tried

Or just take them out of the folder and put them in garrysmod directory.

how do i do that

DL the file, drag your mouse over the materials, models, lua, and settings folder, copy, paste in main gmod folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps-yourname-\garrysmod\garrysmod), and if it says replace hit yes to all

^ also can


Works fine for me.


That just tells you what mods are installed, it doesn’t actually do anything and you don’t need it.

That’s correct.

Good job. Frown upon someone because they aren’t as experienced as you. :golfclap:

that the way i install mods,well,nevermind…