Do I need physics for collisions to work?

I have a custom entity with no model, I’m setting it’s collision bound using SetCollisionBounds( min, max ) but my player doesn’t trigger the ENT:Touch() hook…

Do I need to enable physics or something?

if self.Entity.cMin and self.Entity.cMax then
    print( self.Entity.cMin )
    print( self.Entity.cMax )
    self.Entity:SetCollisionBounds( self.Entity.cMin, self.Entity.cMax )
    self.Entity:SetCollisionGroup( COLLISION_GROUP_PLAYER )
    print("MA MA MIYA")


Also, when I check with OBBMaxs, OBBMins and OBBCenter my entity does have the custom bounding box…


EDIT: Those are my actual values

ap.cMin = Vector( -100, -1, 0 )
ap.cMax = Vector( 100, 1, 100)


EDIT2: Also, the point isn’t to block the player’s movement, it’s to detect when it passes through the entity.

You could try this

Perfect! It worked like a charm, thanks a lot!