Do i need to have CSS or L4D to play these maps that give me errors?

If its true is there any other way , cause i wont certainly buy css just for a map. ( i dont really like css thats why i wouldn’t buy it)

CS:S is used in a lot of custom maps (has the best textures and models in). If you really want to play maps like that you’ll have to.

I’m assuming “maps that give me errors” are ones with pink and black textures and error.mdls?

yes those maps.
SO the only way is to buy?

You can download content packs from CS:S, but I’m pretty sure it’s classed as warez/pirating.

So yeah, CS:S is worth it for the content.


Its not the ‘only’ way.

But its the only legit way of doing it.
Im not going to tell you how or where to get other ways as that is warez.

Keep in mind, if you do download any warez, do not let this forum know about it.

i undestand … i could consider that ‘other’ way, but what would be the consequences ?

There would be no consequences just as long as you dont post here and say “I got the content pack for the games without paying”, even then you just get a warez ban.

But just as long as you aint getting the full game to play i doubt 99.99% that anything would happen.

thanks for your advice

Since you didn’t seem to get the message from those posts, I’ll spell it out for you:

Don’t be a douchebag. CSS is only 14 bucks, and it is well worth that price even for the content alone.

Hell yeah, CSS is awesome.

Most people just don’t like it because it takes more skill than Call of Duty.

tell me you just didn say that… you hurted 6 year old school boys feelings lol

why is everyone rated me dumb? it was joke , lol

It’s true, unless you have an awp then it’s just a point’n’click adventure game.

I think that’s a good comparison.

Most servers I play on remove all of the sniper rifles except for the Scout, since it’s the only one that takes skill.

(Headshots are fatal but bodyshots aren’t too deadly)

do you need to have the games installed to use the items? i can use them in singleplayer but when i go on any sever or my dedicated server i can’t spawn tf2 css l4d2 items at all. i have tf2 and l4d2 installed so i don’t see why it doesnt work what files do i need to copy to my server so i can use them ?

well thats because the server wont allow it… heard about server rules?

It’s on sale on the Steam Store.

is there a way to change that then ?

Install the content to your server.

if your creating your own server then what gk99 said.

if joining someone else’s server … well you cant do anything