Do I need to optimize my map?

When you break an object like a chair or table in my map the fps gets down to like 5 it also happens when the player make contact with a physics object.

Could you help me please?

here is a link to the map

You should always optimize your maps…not just because you noticed it was lagging. Optimize as you build then top it off with more optimization.

Nodraw sides you cannot see;
Areaportals, occluders, func_detail;
Anything else you normally do to optimize.

“Do I need to optimize my map” You don’t HAVE to, but it’s good to always optimize. Easy way to optimize is to build your geometry with “tools/nodraw” texture. Then texture the faces you’re supposed to see. That will reduce the texture rendering. If you have complex brushwork (brushes with more than 6 faces) turn them into func_detail.
have a look here

If all those fence posts are brushes, and it’s as detailed as you claim, then yes.

Very good guide there. Follow that if you don’t know what optimizing is all about.

I read the guide ^ but I still don’t understand how the func_detail works exactly, and what it does. Can someone please explain?

func_detail basically tells VBSP to not include it in visibility blocks (visleafs), as it would cut it up into more detail than necessary. This, in turn, makes VVIS run faster.

Try showing map -> Load portal file, then func_detail something, set it to compile only VBSP and not run, then press map -> load portal file again, notice the difference?

It took me a while to understand to but you will get it soon. Also read over the guide again and again.

3rd times the charm. :smiley: