do I need tortoise svn to run phx 3?

hey, I was wondering if I needed tortiose svn to get phx 3. And also How big of a download is it? I saw someone say it used one giga after 3-4 days? Are those downloads? because with my aircard I don’t want my parents to get mad. thanks.

Yeah, you need it. Its not THAT big tough.

First, you don’t “run” PHX 3. It’s an addon with models, not scripts. Second, it’s recommended that you use TortoiseSVN to download it fast and easy. As for the size, mine is a little less than 1GB, but I removed all the maps (which are rather large).

ummm my aircard is 5gb and it resets every month. It just reseted so i don’t want to download something too big right off the bat.

P.S. I should have been more clear. I know how big phx 3 is, i want to know

  1. how big the actual download for tortoise is, and

  2. if tortoise will add up the usage to update (if that’s what it does) EVERYTHING in my computer

You update stuff with tortoise manually.



it’s stuff like this that make me feel dumb about technology


ok done with question two, now to one. How big is the actual download for tortoisesvn.

The installer is 152k.
My installer went nuts and wont install, so I cant tell the actual size, but its pretty small.

phew! ok that’s good. I’ll try to install but please keep bumping so if i have more questions i can come back here. Thank you.


ok here’s one. there are two versions. 24-bit and 64-bit. If I have a new computer, which do i download


I just tried to install and it said the installation was interuppted??? can someone help?

24-bit probably, I dont know your comp so I can’t say.