Do I use Orange Box Engine version or Episode One?

The title says it all. I have been mapping with Episode one my entire life, but I never checked on using Orange Box. Does Orange Box use a newer, better engine?


So is that a yes, change to using the Orange Box engine?

Depends what you’re doing. If you happen to be mapping for CSS, then no. Otherwise, probably yes.

I am mapping for Gmod, does that fit in the “otherwise” Section?

Yes, GMOD uses the EP2 engine, may as well make use of the slightly upgraded in places editor, such as the model browser that caches on first opening so you don’t have a 20 second wait everytime you open it.

Does the Orange Box Engine change anything major while playing G-mod besides shorter model browser loading times?

I’m talkign about in hammer model browser. VRad handles large open areas better, there are a few other minor tweaks and functionality changes, a few new entities. There’s no downside to it, to my mind.

Seeing as it’s newer and uses an updated version of the source engine, use the episode 2 configuration.