"Do it Adam... no... that's a coward way to deal with the problems... I'm lost..."

Music's not here for nothing, adds some necessary depth in a flat picture, start it for Christ's sake.



*Posing : 30 minutes + 5 minutes searching a good angle
Editing (ingame) : 10 minutes
Editing (Photoshop) : 1 hour
Background version : who the fuck would want a depressed man as his background

I fail at writing, so if you wanna puke while reading that shit text up there here’s the short version : lost his job and wife, ending it by burning his house and stayin’ in it.*

Looks good, like most of your other poses.

low res cup kills it for me

too much bloom
makes me think of star trek x2

I really like the editing too.


Damnit frost, MY AUTOMERGE!

Oooo a lighter model.
Music is great (oh Hans Zimmer you crazy genius), posing looks great.

Really love the pose and all, but I didn’t notice the fire untill I read it… :confused:

fyi dude nobody actually listens to the music shit (ignore the posts to come that say I DO to spite me; the majority doesn’t)

if you want to add the emotion in to the picture, then you ADD IT. you fucking ADD IT IN. If you can’t sense the emotion you want in the picture, then it’s compromised.

Well it’s a matter of taste, I like playing the music when there’s one.

gah the bloom, the BLOOM

i like the idea and the composition and posing seem okay but that goddamn bloom holy fuck

also thread music is generally ignored for sure, but when i finally do my long tan picture people had damn well better listen to the music for that. honestly i think what ruined it was people putting totally unrelated bullshit just for the sake of screaming HEY GUYS I LIKE THIS BAND DO YOU LIKE THIS BAND PLEASE LET US HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON I FEEL SO ALONE without typing as much


The lighting and angle is coolio, but I don’t understand what is going on.

also for the record I have not ever clicked on thread music once in my entire life


The way I see it, if you need music to make your pose way better you’re doing something wrong. You shouldn’t need to use it to get the full effect of the picture.

+1 atleast thats how i see it even if thats not the case

THat guy, committing suicide by burning his house down, is too hardcore to be killing himself. the cia needs to kidnap him and brainwash him to be a crazy killer instea

Nice sharp image.

Nice work Bubba, I think the music fits in it very well!

But as said, the low res cup kinda takes away the feeling a bit. Someone should reskin them.

Well thanks everyone, and oh well, whatever your opinions are, the music is still here if you want. As rossmum said, it’s never put here to show a totally unfitting industrial music bullcrap, just adding some ambient things. I’m picking the music after the final step, right before I post, so it’s not like it’s pulling the picture’s quality down as dean insinuated.

As I’ve said on steam - the bloom kills it for me to be honest.

Likewise those jaggy edges. You’re editing the picture so fix those damnit :stuck_out_tongue: At least the ones near the focal.

Fucking bloom everywhere.