Do it


alt color

“You can’t kill me… If I kill myself!”

in bruges


“but you are myself”

hello Me, it’s Me again

speak of mutually assured destruction

Hey look, it’s Tyler Durden!

Plot twist: neither of them is actually himself, the guy in the back is.

could be

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or maybe he is the one with the gun aiming at the floor?

He is the gun, and the bullets are a metaphysical representation of the Democratic party. The three people represent State’s rights, and the shirt represents Abraham Lincoln. Lastly, the wall represents the decline of cigarette smoking.

trust noone, not even yourself

really cool pose but im just wondering where do you get all of these civilian models from that arent blue suits

You should do more stuff like this Jenkins. You’ve always been able to make good quality screenies and it would be nice to see you do more surreal stuff like this.

Your lighting is Always Fantastic

I always enjoyed making kinda surreal things, jimmies and me are thinking of making like a series type deal of just really surreal stuff we come up with in our dreams or just in general.

I’ve made some kinda surreal things b4;

Would’ve worked better in portrait.

Jenkins, the detail is amazing. Are those walls props btw or some map?

it’s a room in swamp_building from the masks scenebuild prop pack with some debris props, a light and a chair.