Do melee weapons do enough damage?

I’ve been practicing sneaking up on people, and was thinking of the absurdity of me creeping up to some one, bashing them in the head with a rock/hatchet/pick axe, and not one shotting them. I believe it takes 6 shots from a stone hatchet (not counting bleeding) to kill someone, and 2 -3 from a pick axe. That’s a little ridiculous. Can you head shot people with melee weapons?

No its fine as it is.

I think they should add actual meele weapons to the game! Like a hunting/combat knife, and they would cost like 2 wood and like 2 low quality metal to craft. The meele weapon would do like 40 dmg each hit, and maybe 50 for a headshot.

or adding effects other than bleeding, for instance

You get hit with a rock the screen goes a little blurry. Gives the guy with a rock a better chance of survival whether it be to run or try to kill before he/she is shot

But then it opens up, If you are shot should you not be able to run anymore…there is always give and take.

where is the sweet spot?

The “melee” weapons you speak of are tools … Not weapons … So yes, the damage for them is fine. I’m sure they will add better melee weapons in the future, like daggers etc.

I feel like melee weapons should have the ability for hitboxes, this would add strategy on where to hit others instead of flailing everywhere to get a hit on any part of the body.

Melee weapons in this game are nowhere near accurate enough to be able to target specific body parts individually. Hell, it’s hard enough just to make any contact at all on another player if they’re doing anything except standing there idle.

I’ve seen other players use melee weapons quite effectively throughout multiple streams and videos. I do agree how melee weapons are not even close to being “accurate” because you can barely hit to the right of a player and get a hit while running past them.

Yeah it’s possible to do, but it’s completely unintuitive. Hitting someone in the head with a rock is about as intuitive as hitting them with your fist. The hit detection makes no sense most of the time. It’s not the first game to have that problem though. Melee requires depth perception and peripheral vision if you want it to be anywhere near true to life. Latency is also a problem, because ping compensation can’t really “fix” melee combat. If anything it makes it worse, because you can’t actually get a chance to react to your opponent. I’ve seen games like Chivalry try to make melee more complex and, although it’s not perfect, introduced some cool ways to improve melee fighting.

If I can break up a bolder with a rock, I feel like I can bash a fucking skull in. I like what Tans says about the blurry screen. The screen moves like you’re dizzy from just being hit in the head with a fucking rock big enough to break apart a bolder. lol Its a big rock FFS. Two hands.

If you want the game to be like in “real life”, then expect to be killed with a piece of wood too.

and inclement weather

They should definitely add melee weapon lines and not just tools. It would be insane to chop off someones head with a battleaxe in one swing, if you want realism. No amount of armor will save you from that. Honestly thinking about it even a large stone club would fuck someone up if you swung it hard enough.