Do Naked Lives Matter

Dear Gary
I would like to ask you a question. Do Naked Lives Matter?
While the correct and moral answer should be ‘of course yes’, let’s pause for a moment and think about it practically in terms of the way things work, as opposed to the way we wish things worked.
The System does not like us nakeds because we drain resources, other people don’t like nakeds because they have poor social skills, they belong nowhere and they sense, correctly, that they don’t matter at all to the world.

Eventually, they drift out and into a life of madness or prostitution, more often a combination of all 2 and meet untimely deaths from that one fucking bitch who sits in his base all day camping with his only L96. It is possible for them to go from the day they join to their death, without mattering to a single person on this earth, not their fellow nakeds, not their dealers, not their johns, no-one.

There are heartbreaking stories of elderly nakeds begging for a bottle of saltwater because they couldn’t get it on their own and being denied because they were seen as “just rats”. This abominable policy may have been axed officially but it’s still used nearly everyday by a geard clan.
Veteran Nakeds can tell you a lot about that Naked lives don’t matter. Those who come back from tours of active duty with mental and or physical scars often end up on the streets in Outpost or Bandit camp begging for a drop of scrap. Theyre alone, unwanted, and discarded. Geard kids walk past them every day without even noticing them.

So I ask again
Do we fellow nakeds deserve to be looked passed upon as the weak. Or can We be the NEW symbol of this years only Hope.

I rest my case
*Keep your rocks *
Stay Friendly

Yours truly Fruit juice


I miss :package: rating.

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Turn your anger into love. Give him a heart instead.


Lmao nice story

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Just wear pant 4Head

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Kinda feel there’s a need for making it way more visually obvious when Nakeds are

  1. carrying no significant loot (i.e. just a torch and rock)
  2. carrying a weapon

This would help both prevent needless violence and promote necessary violence towards them when appropriate.

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one threw a rock at me yesterday, nakeds truly are a menace to society

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