Do not believe anyone

Then it turns out the blue spy was actually the red spy

And the sniper is a dick

Marry me.

So many wrinkles.

Me gusta mucho! Awesome!

Me encanta

Dig the lighting.

I always love everything about your pictures and I know this is nitpicking, but should the arrow have gone straight through his tie? Seems like it would be pushed out of the coat and left to dangle out of the side.

Otherwise, this is fantastic as always. You never disappoint.

This is fantastic. New wallpaper.

"You got blood on my suit…"

“Backstab that you snake!”

Sweet jesus, the lighting.
It’s great.

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the arrow might be a little too dark though

I think of two things; either the Sniper was aiming for someone else down the hall and hit a cloaked spy, or the Spy has the dead ringer up his sleeve. Awesome editing, you should definitely do more like this.