Do not Bring your Evil here

A bit of a continuation of this thread:

So, I kinda decided to give editing a shot here. I think its okay. Some of it may be kinda rushed though. When I was working on this, GIMP decided to crash for the first time ever, and I lost my first version of this. I was most displeased.

I tried to make the APC look like it had accumulated some rust and mold on it. Didn’t turn out too well.

Here’s the original, and a pic I was going to include here, but the posing just never looked right. I was thinking of making this a mini-comic or something.

That’s some really impressive scene building right there

I seem to be good at that. At least, thats what they say here.

Pretty sweet. Maybe could of used some lighting effects, but otherwise good.

Ouch. I don’t want a spike in my eye :ohdear:

the wounds need to be less spread

Yeah, I never tried making blood before. I’ll keep that in mind.