DO NOT download Cover System from!


I just thought i’d put a little warning out to avoid this. UPDATE An impersonator of Wizey(aka Zoey) uploaded this and instead of giving you a cover system, it just spams stalker screams at max volume while playing ingame.
The contents may look legit, but when I opened the addon’s server autorun lua file I found this at the bottom:

– Hey dick head, Why are you looking in here? Why arnt you sucking your dads dick like you should be.

for _,v in pairs (player.GetAll()) do
v:ChatPrint(“You need to stop copying my work you little cunts”)
v:ChatPrint(“Deal with the fact my things are only for my server”)
v:ChatPrint(“Have some god damn respect for me and my work”)

The SPAAAM pretty much goes on for another 400 lines.

If a moderator could please take the file off that would be great.


The file’s been deleted and the uploader banned thanks to Garry. If you’re spammed with stalker screams then delete the Cover System addon.

Looks like “Zoey” has gone to the dark side.

It wasnt even uploaded on my account, It seems to have be uploaded on an account with my name.

i am the only one that could look at the account uploads and figure that out on my own : D

Probobly Yes.

It’s a pity doesn’t show SteamIDs on the profile. Would be handy for this sort of thing.

this made me lol

Indeed, It would be.

Zoey…Still has a penis?

Shit. Thanks. I just downloaded it and installed but haven’t played yet. You saved me.

Oh yeah, that’d be a dream come true.

Hopefully a moderator will notice this soon enough and take the file down.

Its funny how the cover system works for me and not the other 540+ Sorry bastards that Downloaded it…still they got what they deserved Wink wink

It’s been uploaded twice dummy

I know that

also i know who uploaded the file

Banned the account

So was this uploaded from the real Zoey account or impersonator?


Thanks, Garry!

cool thanks