So I been playing Chaos Island for some time now, but I got banned without a warning. I got banned out of nowhere from them. (I GOT BANNED WHILE PLAYING) JUST NOW.

Plus they kill players, and they like to Abuse their Powers.

You have been warned!

We were to play a event, and then I got banned, proably beacuse I shot a Admin, but why would they ban me for that (HE HAD GODMODE)

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread, missed the servers subforum" - postal))

No screenshots to prove your case? Sounds like every other thread here whining about admins. Most likely you did something to warrant a ban and now you are talking out of your ass in hopes for some form of revenge.

How you want me to proove it?

I got banned without a Warning.

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Never got banned. BEFORE THIS.

That’s nothing new for servers hosted by children. At least the admins hold true to the server’s name!

The first thing I saw was your Dolphins. xD

Alright back to topic xD

You bet that.