Do not join sv_cheats 1 servers! [Virus] [Exploit] [ayylmao]

There is a new spooky exploit that can happen on sv_cheats servers (or if u have cvar3 module and they are smart). (Maybe made by Hex???) ( ???) (serverwatch ???)
It happens when u join the server then it infects you (duh)

NOTE: I don’t have any actual virus, I just know the method of how u can get infected

Here’s a video:

I am not giving out becauze that would be bad,
but if anyone has any info on who made it then i would appreciate it xD

Then just message RobotBoy the method and see what he can try to do to fix it?

What’s inside the batch file?

Doesn’t really matter as long as the exploit allows people to write whatever they want to a batch file. Batch files can create other files and write in them and run them and do all kinds of mad stuff like that so if the exploit allows this then we’re all dead pretty much

Velkon looking for attention once again, really old exploit

Probably should have just contacted the people who can fix the problem directly if you care enough.

It’s not as easy to figure out how to do it now but it used to be public to everyone.

It’s not the one you’re thinking about (If you even know it???)

Also, Looking for attention once again (what ???)

(I’ve never even heard of you ???)

PM Rubat, and/or anyone else who can actually do something about it. Usually the less people know the better. (People may start looking for ways to do it now that you said it was possible…)
– also –

So you’re saying that hacking can backfire? Never would have thought.

well really if you have cvar3 then they can just rename bind and rebind your keys or w/e they want

Yeah I know. I’ve been on HeXs deathtrap server. Had my keys rebound, had my data folder cleared. (lost all my E2s…)

Thanks for the heads up on sv_cheats server though.

what are the contents of the file

Yeah that’s why he’s asking though. It’s possible that it’s just writing something static like some write exploits have before, which would make this only useful for spamming shit.
However - If you can stuff your own content there though you won, even if there is a suffix or prefix because the batch parser is quite funky.
Only thing he shouldn’t do would be telling what exactly is in there for example “DEBUG LOG x” because then one could search for a string ref and find the exploit like that.