"Do not leave this position, come Hell or high water!" Sergeant Francis directs a MG squad



Hope the artillery blast smoke look decent.

Artillery blast smoke looks damn realistic.
The only thing that sort of confuses me, is solider on the right. Looks to me that he’s firing at these chunks of concrete.
That is some pretty decent stuff. Nice.

He’s firing uphill.

I like this lots.


Does anyone have download links to the 2142 weapon models any more? I can’t find them for the life of me and it’s really bothersome because they’re so good.


Only thing I’m not fond of is the tracers – they’re way too visible to really be attractive.

What makes a good tracer? I thought the purpose of them was to be bright and seen by both sides.

Oh and here.http://www.filefront.com/14848405/BF2142weapons.rar

the tracer doesn’t blend in to the picture at all though

I’ll probably slap on an overlay to lessen their yellow-ness at some point then.

Really awesome posing as usual and I love the scale here, but somehow I feel the shot would be way more emotional if the camera angle was tighter into Francis and the MG crew with less focus on everything going on in the background.

oh original
so original

at least it doesn’t have black bars, or brown, or inexplicable dust, or three dudes standing like they’re on a rifle range and not in a combat zone.

the issue i have with you (and to a slightly lesser extent with ddok) is not with military-themed pictures, it’s with them being identical. this might be generic in theme, but it doesn’t look so similar to another image it may as well be identical.

But it is.

You know nothing about originality. Period.

Everything is pretty good besides the smoke and tracers.

It’s somewhat original, but Caboose needs to use models that aren’t headhacked survivors on troops :v:

looks fine to me

Awesome posing and shit. Smoke column on the right looks pretty pasted-in though