Do not read this wrong, theres no harm ment in this post. In fact its to prevent harm!

My question is simple, if I make a tool that will sort out my crates automaticly the way I want it to.
Would it be considered a cheat by you guys and/or the anticheat?

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If you do anything to the client side or inject anything then yes it will be cheating. Oxide and Rust++ is the only way to make plug-ins and that does not sound possible.

Yes it would get you banned.

I recommend against client-side modding. Really strongly recommend against.

If VAC or Cheatpunch think it’s a cheat, you will be banned and there are no second chances.

Alright thanks for the information !

I suppose you could you make a macro for it, However it’d be iffy as it’d either require reading the memory of the game or checking pixels. Almost certainly getting you banned.

your best bet would be pitch it to the dev team and hope the implement it

GUys I read it wrong and it caused harm what do I do.

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