Do not sleep too long, and they will come + bonus


the main pic is good, but the bonus steals the spotlight.

Slightly fix, it is better?

Damn that’s some good lighting! The things people can do with Gmod and Photoshop amaze me. Your two pictures are incredibly photo realistic.

Personally I’d find it pretty damn uncomfortable sleeping next to a dead person like that. Even with the Machete in hand.

I dont think youd have a choice.
Never thought that guy would make it back to Facepunch, its been a long time.

Sounds good, I mean if you sleep too long and they won’t come. I’m pretty sure sleeping next to a rotting corpse isn’t quality time though.

both pictures are beautiful. you couldve made a seperate thread for the bonus

The bonus picture… is stunning. Better than the main one.

Excelent work!

Love the part where the zombie lies upside down next to Ellis

The pen in the bonus seems like it’s too big for her hand.
Like it’s not meant for her hand, but something else.

Sorry, I have to agree, I wouldn’t have gone to sleep without moving the zombie away from my bag haha. Wow though, is that just a L4D2 map? Lighting is beyond source engine amazing.