Do not slip, on wet floor.





Note to self: Always watch out for “Wet Floor” signs.

This is very Dramatic.





The guy laughing in the background was what made this get 2 chuckles outta me rather than 1.

Yay :slight_smile: I like positive comments. But to be a man, you need the critics to bring you skillz.

This sucks

If you do want the criticism, I’ll provide some…

  1. If this is just like a one off thing, don’t worry bout it… but I’d concentrate more on posing. Spending the extra half hour or so even on a simple pose can make it look THAT much better and be more effective. Your posing isn’t complete crap, but there is definitely room for improvement.

  2. Turn up your anti-aliasing and graphics right when you are ready to take the pic. The screenshots actually look lousy with the jagged edges on the character models, and the low-poly textures aren’t very nice looking either. Once you take the pic you can immediately turn everything down again. That, or buy a better graphics card/more RAM/new computer.

  3. Best advice… KEEP WORKING ON MORE! Practice does make perfect. I used to be really lousy at posing. I feel I’ve been getting much better over time and doing more of them. And remember, you don’t have to post every picture you make on facepunch.

  4. Experiment with multiple angles and choose the ones that are most effective. This is a personal strategy, though. You don’t necessarily need to do this to make a great picture, but I think it helps.

But here’s what I can say you’ve done right so far…

  1. You’re not using stock models. While I personally don’t have a problem with this, it’s a pet peeve with some people on here. Even using recolored stock models like you have been doing is much better than simply using the stock Half Life 2 or Counter-strike models.

  2. You’ve steered clear of posing on Construct maps. Definitely a plus and continue using variety!

  3. You actually put decent emotion into the face-posing, rather than constantly making them look like they are constipated.

Thank you, very much. But there is one big problem with #2. I cant turn up AA, it crashes gmod now. But, your tips are helpful. Thank you.

Well Done boy. You earn a cookie! :stuck_out_tongue: