Do not touch my sandwich

Hello gfacemodpunchers, today I want to show my little production, enjoy.

Nice job. Next time I think you should incorperate some more sound effects from heavy when he’s shitting the kick out of everybody…posing could also use a little work but that will come naturally if you just keep working at it.

4/5, keep up the good work!

Great job

Nice really good it was funnier than idiot box for me :smiley:

This is how random gmod movies should be made.
Better then the idiot box in my opinion too, funny, it was original…

had me cracking up on the stalker joke.

Hahahaha, hilarious

Wow, I didn’t expect so positive comments, because I made it in only 5 hours, really thanks.

Pretty good. But I think the scouts drink might be laced with cocaine :ohdear:

Not bad, always enjoy these types of machinima just plan and simple :smiley: