:tinfoil:you guys only screw it up.leave it the F*** alone

(User was permabanned for this post ("dumb thread, gimmick" - postal))

Update added some nice stuff including what effectively allows us to make (vehicle/gun/etc.) skins on the fly. We just need to pop out a hotfix to fix some stuff that broke (Not related to network variables) and everything will be dandy.

Well that settles it, the game cannot be updated anymore.

Garry’s Mod is gonna keep f***ing updating and you can’t do squat about it.

well, you can always pin gmod to task bar, go to steam library and in the garry’s mod updates tab in the properties, set it to “only update the game when i launch it” to prevent further updates. just launch gmod on your taskbar from now on and it shouldn’t update the game. did that prior to this update.

You sure are acting more like someone who is 13.