Do NOT use Art Of War!

Okay, I know this falls into the questionable territory of legit threads, but honestly, this server has ripped me and my group, Pathcutter off of so much money. Every time there is an upgrade or they move the servers, if they haven’t installed mods themselves (as in you were sick of waiting a business day or two to get it on there and you used the FTP) those don’t exist after the reset. We’ve been spending a week now trying to repair the crap they did after moving our server to a different IP (we only had 3 days notice on this, as well).

I would like to warn everyone here NOT to use Art of War!

And also suggest for us a new host who is actually worth paying 40 bucks a month.


I use Art of War Central and when My server was moved they copied everything (the addons maps even config files and command lines). If you don’t know how to ask them, Its a support ticket. They always reply within about 30 minutes. I am glad I have AoWC. Besides, I have to pay 20$ a month for great serice, So my server is a small 8 man server, who cares, they install any mod for free, aka give them a svn and they will install it if it isn’t in the installer already!
Edit: I know that most people including the OP will flame me or some shit like that, It’s not like you can say


And I change… Get over that I use AoWC.

They are overpriced and have so-so servers. I used to have them.
I use xenonservers now, they are half the price and have great server stability with an auto svn updater.
about $15 a month for a 10 slot on Garry’s Mod.

My server is stable, Its called ‘Clean-out-your-damn-addons-folder’. They are reliable. And 20$ isn’t very bad. At the time when I got my server all the other providers cost me like $30+ for 8 people, And don’t get me started on how much 12 player servers were.

This will turn into A flamewar if we keep this up.

I ran all the FTP stuff. I kept everything current and clean. However, the server crashed on a regular basis (1-2 times a day) and AOW did NOTHING to rectify the problem, or even tell us what it was when we sent them tickets.

1-2 times a day is actually pretty good. (If it’s a build, that’s excellent) Gmod is unstable as it is.

I wasn’t even talking to you. You just keep replying to everyone about how AoWC is better than everything else. I don’t have anything against them, I just think they’re overpriced.

I have a 32 slot for 15 (:

AoWC is good but EXPENSIVE!

You can get more slots for less on other games with any service. Garry’s Mod is usually more expensive because of the server load.

You should read my thread about what Art of War Central did to me.

Man o man that sucks. Sorry that happened.

Same host Xenon (:

He gives me good deals. Not to mention because my server is 32 slot we are using the Box with only 1 other server (64 slot). Other servers on that box are just test servers and they don’t use much power.

I think you may work for them…and your not supporting the thread-just going against it.

AoWC is overpriced…$100.00 for a 36 slot and with xenon i got $25.00 for the same on some deal…

AoWC is a ripoff.

Any GMod host will do that, for a much better price. I know that Bioservers, Gmodhosting and Xenon Servers, who are the three that seem to be the most popular on here, will do that for you.

Wow you are a horrid googler aren’t you then?

AoWc = Fail

  • I’m sure you work for them.

AOWC is great. They really are not like what anyone says. People just don’t like good service now do they? ;(

The thing about AOWC is, they will host pretty much anything you ask them to, no matter how obscure it is. My clan has used them on various games, a few of which we are their only customers in that game for and have had next to no problems with them.

As far as I remember my friend had them and he didn’t have any issues with them.

The prices are still horrendous for what you’re getting though. I pay 17.50 a month for a 20 slot server from XenonServers (god-tier) and I used to pay 20 for a 16 slot from ClanBaseLive (don’t use them, trust me.)

Last time I heard AOWC hosted about 15 servers on very low end Optitrons and 10mb/s lines. Most of their boxes where like this according to a friend of mine. If each of those servers even had a player the entire box would be crippled…

Who the hell would pay a host who uses absolute shit hardware and absolute shit connections, I could do better with my home connection.