Do people still compare Rust with DayZ?

I just want to know if people do this, nothing special.

Dayz is declining, rust is rising. That game simply cannot get any better ever. I told numerous times, that’s what rust would be, if the devs continued to develop legacy. A slow mess, where devs can struggle, but the players wont ever be satisfied.

In the end, the 2 games are not really comparable. Dayz is becoming rather a demo for survival games, than being the leader of the genre.

Yes people still compare and always will compare Rust to DayZ.

They’re in roughly the same genre after all. (Survival, First/Third Person Shooter, etc.)

I can’t play DayZ. It feels slow and laggy and looks ugly. If they fixed the framerate id be something but it just feels like some rough tech demo from 2008.

i played during the holidays after a 2+ years break. Zombies aggro from the next town catching me up 5 minutes later (wtf), zombie killing me through walls, could not find any loot after hours of looking. It seemed like a straight downgrade since the arma 2 mod.

The game felt like a proof of concept rather than a standalone game.

Thanks for your responses, it’s true that DayZ is declining, the fact that people do compare them is stupid though.


people still compare fallout / stalker to eachother, even though they’re as related as day z and rust

ones a post apocalyptic world, the others localized only to one zone, and thus isn’t post apocalyptic. Day Z is zombies, the others not.

Day z $29.99 of total crap
Rust $19.99 around 2000 hours so far got my money out of it