Do people still hate on 3kliksphilip here?

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I’ve heard that in the past, 3kliksphilip was basically the Unity3D of Facepunch back in the day. Is that still happening now?


I love the Fartmaster

I never knew there was a consensus on 3kliksphilip on here, but I wouldn’t be surprised that he got some hate, Facepunch as a board can be pretty critical.

Generally I find his videos informative. I haven’t seen very many of them, but they seem to serve a clear function and he documents stuff pretty comprehensively IMO.

I would say it’s largely been forgotten but he definitely got into a lot of arguments and a lot of hate back when he used to post here

from what i remember a lot of it stemmed from the fact that his videos brought a lot of inexperienced new people asking questions and utilizing some poor techniques emphasized or used in some of his old tutorials

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also a lot of his posts did come off with a sort of egotistical tone and “holier than thou” attitude but we’re talking posts over 7 years ago at this point. most people have definitely forgotten or weren’t around and he’s probably not exactly the same as back then

his profile is here:
his last post was back in 2013

Back before he was 3kliksphilip he went by SharpS on FP IIRC, he got in arguments pretty frequently when people criticized his mediocre maps. All of those posts were purged after one of the VBulletin updates it would seem.

He has a video where he offhand mentioned his reputation at FP, which at the time wasn’t unearned, but in that same video talked about how he’s changed. Nowadays his CS:GO videos are top quality, and his mapping tutorials aren’t too bad, and that’s where most people are going to know him from now - not some shitposter by the name of SharpS in 2007.

Years and years ago he was p annoying, and got into a lot of arguments.

Personally, I feel like his current reputation as a LD is a bit undeserved, as one of his maps that some of his base praise highly (de_sparity) is pretty bad.

HOWEVER, his analysis videos about CSGO’s level design and nuances, are excellent I believe and he has sort of become a fixture of that community.

I have since given up my petty dislike of the guy since he really isn’t projecting himself as an “authority” on level design techniques anymore.

Short answer: Not really

Long answer: Times have changed, he basically went from just mapping to analyzing CS:GO, find flaws and in general inform us about the game. Can’t really hate on the guy who introduced me to mapping 7 years ago with his basic tutorials.

How can you hate on a guy who brings great mapping tutorial videos?

What the hell did this guy even do?

Wow. 4 boxes? Sorry I wasn’t around when this guy was allegedly an asshole, assholes. -_-

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  1. It was mentioned multiple times in this thread that kliksphilip was different in the past
  2. You aren’t allowed to care about ratings, just a heads-up

I think I did see them, but I also saw comments after those ones that said people still hated the guy anyway.

Why not? I mean, I already don’t. It’s just kinda stupid that I’d get rated dumb and not actually corrected like you corrected me.

General etiquette is that if you get dumbed and nobody explains why you’re wrong, move on and don’t post about it. Doing otherwise is too likely to derail a thread so it’s potentially bannable.

I think 3kliksphilip’s early mapping tutorials are not very highly thought of around here, hence the dumbs. I haven’t watched his early stuff so I don’t know. I only really know him for his (excellent) CS:GO mythbusting videos.

A very strange etiquette, not really something I’ve had to think about on any other forum, but at least now I know threads like this are a trap.

I’ve watched his mapping tutorials, and they help a lot, so usually I just watch his videos, go back to hammer and do the repeated. I’d do hammer again, but… no Linux version. And so far, no help in the Linux thread, so I think that thread’s done…

(enough off topic, you and I should bring this somewhere else)

3klicksphilips made very easy to get into tutorials. One of the big things that really pissed people off was making a skybox around the entire map. This led to poor optimization and other things.

HOWEVER, it was the simplest way to get a map up and running in source engine, which for a beginner, is great as they can see fruit from their work quickly (which helps a lot with motivation and encourages devoting more time to the art)

His tutorials got a lot of people that otherwise wouldn’t be interested into mapping, and somewhat flooded fp with a lot of amateur maps (some of whom thought they were hot shit at the time much to the dismay of the subsection)

Overall, while facepunch didn’t take it well, and I didn’t take it well either at that time, I now think that his tutorials were invaluable for the source mapping community and really helped it grow back then.

Jeez, Stiffy, you’re making me think it’s time for a more appropriate title than what you’ve been stuck with

Well the mapping community was extremely elitist back then and thought that he was solely responsible for all the shitty maps that were flooding the scene and thought he taught poor map making techniques. 3kliksphillip left after having an attempt of explaining himself because a lot of the users were actually quite rude and mean. We would’ve had a great member on this forum but unfortunately we fucked up.

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It isn’t really if you think about it. Posting about ratings adds no value to the discussion and possibly starts unnecessary drama with other users.

That reminds me of one guy who in 2011 I think, with the name of Plasmid, who ripped a lot of JRPG models from PS3 and such, which are not western games, who got flamed for doing just that. He end up not caring anymore. At that time, his ripped models are the only source available for those particular games throughout the internet.
Just another example of wasted talent and potential

facepunch doesnt like 3kliksphilip? but his tutorials are so helpful and he knows so much.

[sp]then again, who does facepunch like?[/sp]

Sorta on topic for the thread but I remember mapping forum being very different in the past, pretty hostile and cliquey. Individually they are /were good peeps but as a group they got P elitist and weren’t so welcoming to new peeps and a few people were targeted especially (a long way back peeps were mean to shirk and now he’s regarded as one of our best)

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With that attitude you’re not really helping buddy