Do people still play? Anything new?

Hey y’all.

I played GMOD a lot when it first came out, then I bought GMOD 10 like everyone, and I think I stopped playing right about when Wire Mod was blowing up.

So my questions are, what’s new since I left? Has GMOD changed at all? Still worth playing/downloading all the mod packs?

There’s a Toybox feature that spent most of my time in Singleplayer. Try it out, it’s a new tab in the spawn menu. Pretty nice feature.

GMOD is as good as it will get in your personal experience with the game and what you choose to do with it.

I made a dreadnought recently:

That’s what’s new on my end!!

all the new stargate stuff in the carters addon pack is pretty mad.

Mostly DarkRP, trouble in terrorist town (better than darkrp, but just as much of a plague of no creativity), and the elitist SUPER SRS RP servers. Occasionally you’ll find a nice server that runs an original gamemode. I’m a big fan of the theater server with its crazy player limit and Noxious zombie survival, even though there are many griefers.

Trouble in Terrorist Town is awesome, it’s a unique gamemode that will give you an experience you’ll never find in any other game.

The best thing to do for TTT is to find one or two good servers that you like and stick with them, for example I have 3 servers I play on, one being vanilla TTT the other two having custom weapons.

Yeah I always want to start playing again but I haven’t downloaded anything since I reinstalled it and I don’t know what gamemodes and maps to download.