Do people still play Spacebuild?

Anyone still play it seriously?

As in not just DMing… building ships and flying them around.

Thanks for responses.


Alot? A little?

I heard the new one is great. Spacebuild 3…

I do.

Can’t wait for SBEPRP to come out tho :slight_smile:

I play once after awhile

I’ve given up on spacebuild long time ago because idiots in it will spend 100% of the time building a ship only to lose it when the server crashes, then they’re trying to build it again, and the server crashes again…

…It boggles the mind the idiots haven’t learned about using singleplayer for serious building yet.

That and everyone’s trying to build bigass ships instead of reasonable and server-friendly little ships. And lets not forget the servers were pretty shitty to begin with and most can hardly handle one huge ship sitting still.

There’s still plenty of spacebuild servers, most using spacebuild 2 (instead of #3.)

Haha, thats not even a reason to “give up” on spacebuild. Use single player if you get tired of playing on multiplayer.

wait… What is SBEPRP?

It’s a Spacebuild Roleplay.
Space Build Enhancement (I think) Pack Role Play… As far I know, and I’m guessing.

I play A LOT, single player.
I love invading the enemy!
I make this huge ass ship for the enemy, then this tiny little thing for me…
But I still win.
With the help of LS3 and RD3.

SBEP - Spacebuild Enhancment Project
RP - Role Play


Loves it.

I still play.

Haven’t play in a few weeks though. Mostly because I’m trying to get an E2 to work.

Besides sandbox (IE, single player), Spacebuild2 is the only thing I play.

I like SB2 more. But yes, people play SB. Just that DAMN SB3. quite muttering of curse words in the corner

I’m honestly stuck between Spacebuild 2 and Spacebuild 3, It seems their are more SB3 maps but SB3 is still pritty much in beta, but more stuff, (stargate for example) only works with spacebuild 2

Also, I find living in space easier in spacebuild 3 yet I have no Idea how to get the terraformer working, but in spacebuild 2 I can easily terraform a planet but haven’t really got the hang of making a space station that won’t run out of air.

I’m so confused D:.

With Spacebuild2, Climate Regulates give off enough air for a Air Compressor to work.

So just have a Climate Regulator next to your Compressors, and you can make all the air you want.

Can someone help me out with the needed files, I always install out of date things.

If someone could so much as link me what is needed, I would love them.

Space Build Enhancement Pack Role Play

Look it up on the SBEP wiki

I used to, I want to start back up though.

Spacebuild is awesome, I wasn’t even aware people stopped playing. The smaller, one-man-team, basement-budget shit-hardware servers are actually better, because there are more people who get banned for being a retard. Also, about the idiots who constantly build, I do that because it’s really hard to get cosmetic/actually useful help from that ragdoll I got bored and posed and left there.

I still play it. Though I do prefer SB2 and LS2. It was more simple to link up instead of having auto-link screwed up. I hate resource nodes.