Do people still role play in GMOD 9?

As title says.

Are these role playing clubs for 9 or 10?

Nobody plays gmod9 except 11 year olds and techno-luddites.

Ahahaha, because it’s true.

-Cleanup snip-

He’s right you know.GMod 10 has way too long loading times ! It sickens me.Now GMod 9…that was special.Anyway in answer to your question.No.No-one bothers anymore.

Right on point. OR they just can’t buy gmod 10! Poor souls…

Another post by Philip


Correct, and yes we do still roleplay on gmod9.

gmod9 should be a insta ban word

That’s the stupidest idea ever. That’s like having and, a, an, as, and the as ban words.

I’t does get on my nerves, gmod9 this gmod9 that

Then don’t come into the fucking Roleplaying section!

Get stuffed

The reason that most people play gmod9 is cuz they buy UCRPM and not gmod10.

Actually I find Gmod 9 Rp more peacefully than Gmod 10 RP