Do Radtown crates regenerate?

DO radtown crates regenerate? I’ve been to mine 4-5 times and they are always empty. Anyone have any idea if they do and how fast?

Same experience so far, have been to rad town many times, crates always empty :frowning:

Edit: It’s worth mentioning that the rad town i have been visiting is RIGHT next to noob spawn, nakeds running through constantly.

I have a few items in one of the radtown crates, but most are always empty.

same experience as HomePoint above, found mostly empty over 3 towns, but once found an item in one crate, never in any other. I sat in one town (admin godmode) for an hour to check every 5 - 10 minutes, no one visited the site and the crates never spawned any loot.

i presume they generate with the first spawn, but no respawn.

and what is this " first spawn " when the town got created and never again? Or when the server reboots? Break of day? Because how i read your sentence, it seems like a once in a life time occasion…

I was under the impression that crates were supposed to be empty in rad towns right now and only barrels had any loot in them.

as in when the world is first generated, and the town spawns. i don’t think it’s intended as the final product, but i think that is what is happening at the moment; it only spawns once, and doesn’t refill because the crates are permanent not generated randomly like the barrels.

i’ve seen loot in one of them, once only. it could have been someone dumping gear, or the fact that it was hidden away a little, not sure.

I have found loot on a fresh server, where was no other player before. And i think they regen the content at some point. I think I saw earlier that there is a boolean named something like : “regenerateContent”, not sure if the methods are there as well, wasn’t curoius enough. I’ll take a look when i got home.

I’ve found a few items in crates in the radtowns. Only once though :frowning:

From the code it looks like they should regenerate their content.

Default values now for a Loot object:

Just destroy one and it should reappear in 0.5-6 hrs.

If you destroy one, then it should Respawn and Generate contents after a random amount of seconds, between “minSecondsBetweenRespawn” and “maxSecondsBetweenRespawn”.

good to see the mechanics behind it, but i didn’t think the loot crates were breakable.

Loot objects are inherited from BaseCombatEntity… uhm, which means… nah enough of the details, they take damage.

Criminy, six hours, that seems excessive. Is that game time or real time?


I’ve tried salvaged axe, at least 20 rounds from an AK, not breaking.

I’ll check their health soon…

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Checked it, their health is 50 just like barrel’s. And they take damage. The amount of damage they take is: 0. :smiley:
The reason seem to be this exception whenever I hit a box appeares in the server console:
“Unhandled impact effect - Generic”

Well, not sure whether is was an admin using a remove tool or someone hitting them but all but one crate within a rad town were destroyed around 4 days ago, and they have not respawned at all. We have restarted at least twice since, without wiping, to fix other things, still no loot or returning crates.

I’m sure I’ve seen tweets that the loot respawn is being fixed up next update, so guess for now, they are just good zones for naked newmans to die of radiation…

If it is a modded server and it is removed with a plugin, it won’t call respawn when it would ve time to respawn.