Do RT cameras work at all in TF2?

I’ve been googling a lot about it. I’ve seen some topics saying that point_camera and func_monitor don’t work properly in TF2, but looks like the guy from this topic ( ) got it working. I’ve tried 2 tutorials, but none of them did work, and I’m starting to think it just doesn’t work at all. Is there anybody who could help me? Thanks.

Well it looks like it.

Read the last post on that thread.



I already did… that’s one of the tutorials I tried. In fact, I downloaded the “finished” map and tried it in TF2, but all I got was a black screen instead of the RT.

Okay, I’m probably doing something wrong. How did you guys manage to get it working? I’m getting quite desperate with this… :frowning:


Use a point_veiwcontrol and a brush with func_monitor. Then you have to texture one of the faces with a monitor texture. SDKnuts had a really good tut about it. I’ll see if I can scrounge it up for you.