Do Rust Developers Ever Check The Fourms?

It just feel like post are a waste cause do they ever look at people’s post, or leave feedback. I mean shouldn’t they aknolage some post cause how are they appeared to fix or see things people want or don’t like. I just never really see these post put to good use besides random people agrea or disagree on post. That’s the only reason I bring this up.

You mustn’t follow the forum to carefully. Garry does post replies when it’s pertinent.

And just because they don’t reply to every question and concern directly doesn’t mean they don’t read. But if they were to address every post, they’d spend more time on that than working on the game.

I understand they can’t reply, it’s just I have never seen any acknowledment

Here are some examples of Garry replying.

thank you smallheart:)

OP, every time they reply, you see the thread get derailed by randoms asking things entirely off topic trying to get a personal reply. that and the priority of making the game mean you don’t see replies often, but they do frequent the forums.

ym reading the forum long time now, and assure you : if a player make a good proposal and lot of player approved it on forum , in the next patch koming this 70% 80% time out.

Garry and his team are realy great !!

( y y now mi engl sux… sorry)