Do something about the hackers, jesus christ

Hackers have been on the Toronto server the past 48 hours straight, raiding EVERYONES base. I’d say you lost atleast 20 players in 24 hours that I personally know of and can confirm. Rust, do something about this, what the hell is going on here. Its not even worth playing anymore once we get raided and lost everything. Its absolute blatent hacking, jumping 1000 feet in the air, ESP, Aimbot, walls. Fix it, get a admin on there, do SOMETHING beside relying on a anti cheat that delay bans people. So they can raid absolutely everyone on the server, then a week later they finally get banned, by that time no one wants to play anymore.

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I feel your pain, that’s why I play on community servers with active and most importantly decent admins. I recommend you do the same mate

Admins on official servers will be good to have. Why there are none considering all the money Facepunch gets from this game?

they don’t care if their are hackers or not, because they don’t IP nor hardware ban them when they have full opportunity to

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they make more money off hackers, they ban them after a month, boom they buy another account to come screw everybody. Its unreal, meawhile for every account a hacker buys your losing 5 people