Do something for your chat - Abusive ban on Facepunch servers

So i wanted to say that i love your game i have played 3260 hours mostly on your facepunch servers : Steam Community :: Pilipili .

Today i messed up i admit, here is the situation : I was roaming with one friend on the Facepunch small 2 server, we was full gear AK ect and got roofcamped by an M2 and L96 in O11 so we change to the opposite direction because we hear some AK shoots behind us and the roofcampers was blocking our way. We fight with the 2 roamers AK, my friend got killed , i killed both enemy but i ended up dying to the L96 roofcampers of O11.
So here is what i putted in the chat exactly :
Pilipili : M2 + L96 Roofcampers in O11
Pilipili : Fucking faggots get raid off

So yea of course it was not a brilliant way to flame some roofcampers ruining the rust pvp experience. It was an abusive word also and i understand that this comportment should be avoided.
But you banned me for LIFE on a server i spent 3k+ hours with no past experience of toxicity ( seriously i’m a cool guy, that like cool server and i love raiding roofcampers ).

So here is my suggestion : if you really don’t want people to be toxic on your servers put some list of banned words before banning your players for life for a single mistake ! It’s normal for an human to mess up from time to time and speak before they think especially when they just got roofcamped. Add a filter to your chat for words that you specifically never want to see with reasonable ban time. If i saw that my message was something like ***** Get raid off. I would have say something like coward roofcampers or whatever but i would have realise that i was being homophobic with this world and corrected my language i see plenty message that are really toxic and nothing happen so i guess i triggered some word alert + it says those people are kicked and not banned for life with detailed reason.

Anyway this is the last story of Pilipili on Facepunch servers it was a great time 3260hrs is a lot, i’m a big fan of the game and facepunch but please stop banning your dedicated players for a stupid mistake. Not gonna buy it again because i’m kinda broke for the moment.

I wish you the best




I read A LOT WORST things and NO WAS BANNED.

I use HEAVY WORDS in any wipe, never banned.

facepunch admins are VERY PERMISSIVE, I sincerely NEVER had such experience, I tested and I know.

Seems to me that maybe there were OTHER things or that those WORDS do not count in your BAN.

BTW Admins are HUMANS so they can be SENSIBLE, made MISTAKES, and can be EVE evil but this is not FACEPUNCH, in my personal opinion.

From my DIRECT experience, I have NEVER SEEN anybody banned for saying FUCK YOU, DIE, FAGGOT, etc, etc. it’s just RAGING and it’s a part of RUST, at least from what I was and is MY PERSONAL experience.

I got banned only once by an ADMIN that CRAFTED the question so that I got MUTED for 12H but that was NOT OFFICIAL FACEPUNCH!

I know that I haven’t replied to your POST but I just share in here my personal experience just to let OTHERS know that they can INSULT each other FREELY.

BTW N-WORD and other VERY IGNORANT things are BANNABLE and I saw people get BANNED pretty NICELY.

In my opinion, your EXPERIENCE was a mistake and you do well to open a POST :wink:

Have a great RUSTY LIFE :wink:

Thanks man to share my opinion hope they will fix this ridiculous ban.