Do the m249 drop in airdrops?

The question is the title, if yes could you tell the percentages of drop chance?

As far as I know, they are very rare

In airdrops?

don’t think so, only if you shoot the chopper, I’ll thought.

But for what I’ve seen on Youtube films from Rust, these weapons are to much OP. I’ve used this weapon in the Belgian army in real time. OK, you could say much about the Belgian army. But the M249 isn’t a automatic sniper rifle with or without the 4x zoom scope, it’s a common machine gun. In real time the recoil is very high. If you shoot 5 rounds, you’ve got a good shot if you’ll get 2 hits.
So getting head shot’s with a 4x zoom scope and this weapon is pure fantasy!!! It wasn’t designed for this kind of shooting.

I think it’s in airdrops, but it should be in heli crash sites. I am not 100% sure.

If only got those on Heli Kills.

You don’t get the m249 in airdrops, they only come from the heli crash sites but even at that there is only about a one in six chance to get one.

Yes you can drop m249 on airdrop, already did.

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They do drop via Airdrop but its a faaar to rare atm. Airdrops do have to many random items atm.