Do traces work client-side?

I need to get the hit position of a trace client-side. It says that traces work shared, but it doesn’t make sense that a physobject-hitting trace would work on the client. ??? Anyone know?

Traces work but I don’t think physics objects exist on the client.

traces work by hitting physics objects… So how do traces work client side??

Are you saying that when you call a trace client-side it:

  • Asks the server to perform a trace
  • The trace hits a server-side physobj
  • The server returns TraceRes data to the client
    ??? :frowning: ???

No… they’ll hit any entity, but physics objects only exist on the server.

I know that physics objects only exist on the server. That’s why i’m confused. If traces work by hitting physics objects, and physics objects only exist on the server, then what does a client-side trace hit??

He’s wrong, it will hit physics objects.

To clarify, the trace will register if it “hits” an entity, it doesn’t impart any movements that comes with the word Hit. Also, the physics boxes and bounds DO EXIST on the client side however collisions and physics simulations are not handled on the client side. One example is sprites. They only exist on the client side however they will bounce off solid physics objects.

Best way to imagine it is that you’ve got 2 databases, A and B. A is only writable by HR, you aren’t allowed to change ANYTHING. B is your own database but it’s based on the information in database A. Same thing goes for client-server. The server is the law, the boss, the bible. It handles all of the physics and the basic stuff that matters. The client works and builds on top of on all of the information that it gets from the Server. I can make traces that are based on what’s going on in the server, but it can’t change it.

So yes, client-side traces WILL detect “hits” on physics objects.

Thanks! :smiley: I’m glad it will work!!