Do twitch streamers get keys?

Can a moderator delete this post?

We’ve all already said before that there is NO NEED for people to promote the ALPHA stage of this game. It’s pointless. We’re supposed to be finding bugs not showing it to everyone and their mother.

get out

Craptasket proves this statement false as he said if anyone streaming/YouTubing wants a key, they can pm him.

Edit: On the other hand he registered july 2013 and has 1 post, so. GET OUT, OP!

Because I had just heard about the game. And was never on this forums. You have to start somewhere do you not? And all the streamers got keys cause they stream. Soo, that’s where I got that from.

No, there has been no streamers with keys. (except PsiSyndicate.) Also, don’t delete the whole post because you think it will help you get in a higher position than everyone else. It just confuses users.

There is Lirik, Dakotaz, YeloTree, QMGSaint.

Never heard of them, they could of snagged some keys before everything got restrained.

Any big Streamers/Youtubers wanting a rust key tell them to contact me, I have keys for them granted by garry.