Do u think Garry has a big release/ suprise not mentioned on Trello?

I had a dream last night that Garry had purposely not included big game changes in Trello so Rust fans would get a big surprise.

Massive changes populated the game without warning such as dinosaurs and a 12 foot tall werewolf that could be hunted down. But the werewolf was so strong that over 10 players would have to team up to stand any chance of slaying it. And normal bullets did no damage to it, you had to farm precious silver in order to craft silver ammunition.

Once the werewolf died players backstabed each other to take the precious items from the beast. Sometimes the beast would lead them far into the outer reaches of the map until it died, leaving players to get lost trying to find their way back, eventually committing suicide and loosing all the rare items.

Additionally to the rare items, when the werewolf died, only ONE PLAYER (The player who caused the damage to make it die) received the extra special inventory mode to actually turn into a wolf for 48 hours. (Turn not into a werewolf, but a normal in game black wolf) And once in this wolf mode, they would receive no damage from ordinary bullets, but only silver ones.

Players that had this ability were smart with how they used it, they would transform into the wolf, and at first stand with the other wolfs and bears to blend in, then as players walked by they would chase them down, and after fireing full rounds into the wolf, the wolf would transform into the player and take them out with an M4.

This caused many players to walk around always carrying silver bullets, just in case they came into contact with a player with this rare ability. It also made players paranoid and weary of the normal wolfs. If there was a wolf around your base you weren’t sure if it was a spying sneak, or just your mind playing games with you.

It was a delightful dream.

…you have weird dreams.

Honestly? Don’t expect anything of the sort. Not because the ideas you proposed are ridic… ahem, unusual. But because Garry and everybody else have their hands full with redesigning the game from scratch. Such changes, even in the general sense, will not be around for quite a while.

Did you take some acid before you went to bed?

Doesn’t really fit with the game, but I would really like the modding engine to be flexible enough to allow things like that. I really like the idea :slight_smile:

I Think if Garry Has a big update, It would of been updated by now, instead loosing the attention of millions of fans.

You are thinking of UO Champ spawns and Peerless Bosses. Sorry, wrong game.

Good job! now make a book.

It was more like some kind of Medieval (Skyrim type) game what you said hehe

He is not losing attention. Do you realize that those millions of people still have copies of rust in their steam accounts that they can go back to at any moment? Even if in the next two months we did not have an update people would still come back and play the game. It is early access. Things are still coming out.

  • YES

uhm… the helicopter?

If they added this, boy I would be on rust every day for that ability.

It’s pretty common knowledge that Garry keeps a private Trello page for features that aren’t ready to be revealed to players.

he said he didnt now what the game would be; it means nothing is hidden as a surprise cause if there is
no idea there is no content; simple, isnt it?:wink:

He’s keeping the dinosaurs all too himself.

I sure as hell hope that Rust gets no dinosaurs; they just really, really don’t fit into the game.

Garry said they had a secret trello somewhere. I don’t know if it’s still the case.