Do u want aggressive game with rare c4? NEW SERVER 27.03.14r ~EU East~

Server Name: WIPE 27.03|~EU East~|Kit-P250,Supply Signal|PVP|Uncraftable C4|

Wiped on: 27 Match 2014r.

Stetings (Essentialas mod):

  • Uncraftable C4
  • No Durability
  • No Fall dmg
  • Doorshare
  • Supply Signal will be more frequent
  • Sleepers
  • Instant crafting
  • Supply drops modified
  • More and MORE PVP
  • kits

/Kit Starter :

  • P250
  • 30x 9mm Pistol
  • hatchet
  • 5x Cooked Chicken Breast

/Kit Supply :

  • Supply Signal(You must to wait 12h , before using the kit)


  • No whining or spamming,
  • No cheats, hacks, or exploits of any kind,
  • You can’t take over homes (houses) after the ride by placing your metal door in,
  • It’s not allowed to build your house around a loot spawn.

-Remover (You can remove wrong things example Wood: Pillar, Foundation, Wall etc.)
-100 slots

**Bonus: **

  • Our players can join free to ts3 server and get channel

How to join ?

Press " F1 " Type net.connect


Get some reviews, don’t just bump it up for the sake of people looking. New players want reviews of the server from players who have joined. Ask people who have joined your server and play regular and ask for them to post there photos and experience. I find you will get more viewers.

Its so early but 14 playing on server:)

I understand the max we get on a weekend is lucky 15-20 on a week day 8-15. However it is hard for people to justify to play your server or not if you don’t have recommendations.

Wtf u talking?

Nevermind. I can see why you need to bump ^.^


rare c4? We got 7 Airdrops Signals (2 from the kit, and the other 5 from the airdrop)
Much c4, and all 12 hours we can use kit supply.
Really rare c4 …

So false advertising ??

YEAH it is RARE in airdrops… u got 7 airdrops but how many c4 was there? 1 or 0?