Do UDK mapping communities exist?

Does anyone here know any big forums like facepunch but is working on UDK? I just want to get help from UDK community. So are there even any of them?

Also anyone knows problem?

Shadows are acting like bitches. Any way to make them softer? Like blurred?

P.S - don’t criticize on my terrain, I learned it just few hours ago, I will improve and I know it’s shit.

I personally would head on over to the UDK section in the Epic Games forum. You should be able to get plenty of help there.


Dynamic lighting or lightmass? Latest build or previous? Terrain or Landscape? Lots of variables that could or could not be making your lighting leak.

There is a UDK thread on here, I made it a while back.

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Yes, it’s a pimpage but it can still be used for help etc.