Do warfare servers exist?

I’m looking for a server full of people as combat-minded as I am.
Gmod is fun for construction and stuff, but war machines to me are the most fun things to build. Gcombat makes vehicular warfare possible, so it’s a shame it isn’t put to use more often. Spacebuild has so many great weapons, but nobody uses them for ship to ship combat.

In short, does anyone know of servers where building tanks and bombers and artillery for the sole purpose of shooting each other is encouraged?

I dunno…most servers that encourage combat, the people on there will keep blowing you up before you can get anything built. Maybe if you find a gcombat server, you might be able to join a battle.

I hosted a warfare server with a little gamemode that separated a match into build/burn times.

Noone ever used it. Apart from a precious few, and even then not for long. It’s not worth the effort or bandwidth, imo.

Yes. I run one of these servers, you both have to agree to participate, or ill host some base to base warfare event sometimes.

Ip is:

It’s bullshit when people run those, because you get destroyed by some guy using adv. dupe everytime when your trying to build.

Thanks Kybalt, added to favorites, I’ll be there when other people are.

There must be others out there, I know I’m not the only one who likes to break things.

There’s one or two fight to survive servers, it might be called build and destroy or something along those lines, you can find them by filtering to a build map in your server finder.

Go to the Clan Vortex RP wars server. The goal there is to battle and build bases.

hmm, i like base warfare. I’ll probably join soon (next monday would be good, im on vacation right now :P)

Oh, guise. Chances are, that no one will be on my server a lot. :frown: However, I always have an eye on the console for it, so if no one is in it, just join and talk and chances are you’ll get my attention. Alternatively, add me on steam “kybe” or if that doesn’t work “mrkybe”.

Whats the IP?

lol double post

+1 for wanting Clan Vortex RP wars server IP.

thier is a group with 2 servers and the group is called the gmod soldiers its like the militatry not only will you learn military tacticts but be able to build and use your war machines they have an airforce division a infranty division and now i think a naval division these guys do battle days every week end.heres the link to thier web site