Do we need a wipe for the Bolt-Action Rifle?

I was just wondering if we need to have a wipe on the server in order for the Bolt-Action Rifle to spawn in-game. Any help will be appreaciated

it isnt an default blueprint you have to find it

I’m starting to think you can’t get it without spawning it in via rcon.

i’m starting to think so too

I’d imagine most servers which have run the update (surely all of them by now) would have performed a wipe too, due to the changes in researching. From my own experience, the only way of getting your hands on one, is from a inv.giveplayer command.

I will try spawning an absurd number of airdrops later with the supply signal grenades and see if they are any better.

I know, I’m just wondering if a server wipe is required in order for the Bolt-Action rifle to spawn.

The server does not need to wipe to make it appear, I am on a server that wiped right after the patch, and no rifle after HOURS of farming boxes/zombies.

Thanks for informing me, must be really rare.

No. Nothing requires a server wipe to function. How you would even ask this question is beyond me.

I asked that question because I didn’t want my server to wipe, the server admin was saying that if no one found the rifle soon he would wipe in order to ensure the patch was fully functional.

I’m fairly positive it isn’t in an airdrop. I just spawned in an entire inventory’s worth of supply signal drops and it wasn’t in any of the 40 or so supply drop crates.

Your admin does not know what he’s doing.

I made a post last night and some guy said he got it, but he may have just been lying and it doesn’t actually drop.