Do we really have to wipe our servers every one to two weeks?

So I’m on my third wipe now and into two weeks and my server is becoming a lag fest with lots of rubber-banding. My GSP is telling me I have to wipe at least once every week to week and a half. Is that true? I mean we spend all this time building our bases just to get done and have to wipe and start over again.

I can understand doing a wipe after a big update and I have done them in the past but it would be nice to NOT wipe for awhile and just have fun.

Whats the deal? Is my GSP just making an excuses when in reality they just arent allocating enough memory or some other resource?


they making excuses cus there servers suck!

They are making solid excuses from my point of view.You should only need to wipe on big updates or when your server is actually having some issues.

From me either they are having a hard time running rust from unknown reasons or they just dont want to give you enough resources to run your server properly.

Some helpful tips in managing your server.

I put a limit on building height in my server of 10 stories. We try to enforce this as much as possible because it’s the main factor for lag on most servers. You know, those giant monstrosities, lol.

Another thing would be to upgrade your server capacity even though you probably won’t need it. It helps to increase your bandwidth and you can actually set a limit on the number of people allowed on your server.

Finally, Rust++ has added a great new tool called /instantko. It allows you to completely demolish building components in one hit. This includes ceilings, pillars, and foundations. Use this to clear old buildings that no one uses anymore. The less structures on the server the less lag.

I hope these tips help some!

I just left multiplay because they were telling me the same thing. They refuse to allocate more ram and blame it on bad code.

While it may be partially caused by inefficient/unoptimized code, they also agreed to host servers for a game in development. The issues with code efficiency are to be expected, and they should have gone into the hosting agreement knowing that they would have to compensate for that. Telling people that they have to wipe just so that they can avoid spending more resources on a server is just them being greedy.

Thanks guys. This is exactly what i was thinking. I’ve already asked my GSP is upgrading to a 100 pop server would allocate me more resources as I can set the limit to 50. Waiting on response.

That said; do any of your recommend a GSP that seems to offer good performance and not making you wipe every two weeks? If so who is it? I’m willing to change over to someone else.

Agreed, I talked with NFO servers and they said that they just would give their servers unlimited RAM and that 1.1gb is a very low amount for a persistent world game like rust.

Here is my server with crashes over the day/week.

Anytime it dips, it means it restarted and there are some of the responses I got from multiplay.

This MAY answer your question.

now its DDOS at Multiplay, my server been down for 4 days.
and by the time this is sorted ill have no one coming back to my server, we had a nice group of like 50 frequent players.

thats good news.

On a side note I upgraded my server from 50 to 100 and still lag. Then my GSP informed me that the resources are the same to each server no matter the pop size (50, 100, and so on) So that was a waste. /sigh

I guess a wipe is my only option. I spent a couple of hours running around the map instakoing all the wood shelters and decaying bases. I’ll do it again tomorrow. Don’t know if it will help any though lol

the decay system was chabged so using a storage box wont reset the decay timer, should help alot, things will disapear alot quicker ive allready notice on my server.