Do we report actual cheaters in the bug reports section?

I mean actual cheaters, not someone taking advantage of a glitch. This guy was using speed hacks and flying. Yes… FLYING.

Where is the appropriate section to report them?

I don’t think it matters much. If you read the forums you’ll see a repeated phrase “the game is alpha”. There is also a transition to a client side download and Steam integration so things are going to change, probably alot more focus on that lately. If the Devs stop to police the game, they won’t have as much time to Dev.

Coulda been a Dev, why walk slowly when your working :slight_smile:

Regardless of “Alpha” or not you also see a statement when buying a key that says if you cheat, you’re banned.

So… this cheater should be banned.

Specifically this idiot>

Youre just mad he didnt skip a leg day, unlike you.


(User was banned for this post ("This is not how you post on the forums" - MaxOfS2D))

I don’t really think reporting cheaters in a forum labeled “bug reports” makes much sense, unless they are exploiting a unreported bug and even then it should only be reported to help with the development of the game not to try to ban another player. At this point in the dev cycle it really doesn’t matter about the player but more the game. Just help with the game and ignore the player. I know it can be frustrating but getting the issues out in the open and fixed will help a lot more than removing a player. If it is really that bothersome you should message Garry with proof and let him decide what to do about it, especially because a player can just change their name afterwards.

There is a specific warning not to cheat when you by the game. Not enforcing it will lead to further idiots hacking/cheating. The specific guy in question was on US East PvP from 12am EST to about 2am at least thats when the majority of issues occurred. The server must have logs which can tell them his IP address or the game key that is tied to his account.

The transition to steam is important, but so is taking care of people willing to go as far as he has to cheat. Lets face it once they start cheating they usually continue to try.