Do you agree that it would be more pitch back night.

Do u agree that it would be more pitch black night and different dangers at night? (E.G. Some creatures that hunt only at night or are attrackted to camp fires and stuff but run away in the morning and hide)

I think the darkness of the nights should depend on different things like:
Clouds, size of the moon, if you are in a dense forest etc etc
It should reflect the weather basically.

I agree with the animal idea

The night darkness IS based on the phase of the moon. It was changed from always being pitch black to this, which makes much more sense imo.

“One gameplay change the new sky might have is the with mr moon. Depending on the moon cycle night is no longer pitch black. We think this is a good thing.”

-02/25/2014 Playrust Update

Iw played rust for a while now and I did not see any pitch black night. (It might be because of my monitor. I have dell XPS M1710 with a diamond display, its old laptop but screen is very good).

It’s still pretty damn dark on nights with a new moon.

Until the gamma thing is fixxed (other games make gamma settings impossible with particles simmilar to fog) there should be pitch black night. Later, no. More danger at night? Sure give em to us :slight_smile:

Well. Im sorry to hear that… I loved that pitch black night. Sneaking around some shack where u see light or hiding in ur shack cuz ur scared to go outside LOL … Those was good days.

Animals, at least ones that haven’t mutated, are typically afraid of fire. Personally I say that would be a better sort of balancing act for players, which are they more afraid of, animals that fear fire or human beings who will come and kill then for daring to pull out a torch (of which there are plenty already).

As for wanting darker nights, I’d really much rather have the nights set to where people can’t pretend they’re Riddick by shining their eyes. Whether it’s accomplished with particle effects or otherwise, it’s somewhat annoying that any time you head out at night you’re running the risk of being seen from miles away by people who are willing to crank their gamma.

Before we have darker nights, given that our buildings are all basically mazes to discourage unwelcome guests, I’d really like to see some sort of static lighting available. Oil lamps would be useful, and while currently any light source in a building means someone is home and you can wait for them to come out and play, a lightsource that is automagically active from dusk until dawn would make it less of a certainty that any light meant other players were active. At that point, you could post a lamp on each of your preventative pillars on the foundations outside of your base, which could potentially discourage unwelcome guests, and would certainly give you the ability to see enemies from a snipers nest before they see you. It would perhaps make your building easier to see in the night, but I think that the added danger of knowing they would be well lit and unable to see any potential sharpshooters perched on nearby buildings might balance out the likelihood of people poking around your building at night purely due to the fact that they could see it. I feel like it would be easier to navigate a “pitch black” night with glowing landmarks as well, meaning they could use particle effects to darken the night without completely blinding the entire playerbase and forcing them to spend the hours of darkness crouched in their hovels (preferably while rocking back and forth and muttering something about millenium hand and shrimp).